Association of Seventh Day Baptists Australia

About Seventh Day Baptists

The Sabbath

Seventh Day Baptists are a little different from other Baptist groups in that we worship God on the Sabbath (Saturday). We don't, however, believe worshipping on the Sabbath saves us. We worship on the Sabbath out of love and respect for God and His commands, following the example of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

Guidance and belief

We're Biblically based and do our best to hold to God's Word and what He has to say.

We cherish the fact that the Holy Spirit guides each individual as they grow in their relationship with God. As such, when it comes to many issues, you'll find quite a variation of belief between SDB churches and even within those churches.

While this can result in some interesting and challenging discussions, we have found it to be something that causes us to grow in our individual and collective walks with God.

Church structure

Our churches are mostly governed in a "congregational" manner. Each church arranges its own internal structure, usually a pastor, along with deacons and deaconesses, that have been elected and called by the members of that church.

This also means that each church is independant of the other churches, though remaining connected together through our shared beliefs and love of each other.

More information

You can find out more about our common beliefs in the Statement of belief.

There are also a number of interesting links and other information, available in the Library.