Association of Seventh Day Baptists Australia

About the Association

The Association of Seventh Day Baptists Australia consists of 6 churches and small groups in Australia and 4 churches in Argentina. The Association was set up by the churches to make it easier for them to share resources, work on projects and fellowship with each other.

Association covenant

The Covenant of the Association shall be as follows:

"We all agree to endeavour to show Christ's agape love toward each other and to work together, in unity with the Spirit of God, to spread the Gospel of Christ and to practise and proclaim common beliefs."


The Association will endeavour to bring together Australian Seventh Day Baptist Churches and Groups to meet the needs, both corporate and individual, of those Churches and Groups for the following reasons:

  • To follow the commandment of Christ to serve one another in love.
  • To enjoy fellowship together.
  • To organise Association gatherings from time to time, to enable decisions to be made about Association business as the need arises.
  • To promote activities for the evangelisation of youth in the member Churches and Groups.
  • To reach out to the wider community.